Monday, April 02, 2012

New HypnoDomme Release

Every now and then something refreshing and different appears before the listening audience. The realm of erotic hypnotism, the expanding galaxy amongst the growing Internet audience has received a very unique and refreshing Hypnodomme. Enchantress Esmeralda a certified hypnotherapist is switching over to entertain the boys with her inaugural offering BOUND TO ME NOW.

The introduction takes ones listening awareness to a peaked sense, this lady does not have an accent, is not a young lass with the syrupy tones, but a confident woman with perfect diction and annunciation.

Enchanting Esmeralda uses her clear and confident voice to soothe the mind from the conscious state to the state of open acceptance of Her direction. The induction is a variant of the relaxing technique used by many, yet in the manner this Hypnodomme does it the listener is unaware that they are being whisked away into a deeper state of relaxation.

As this Enchantress lets the overwhelming joy seep into her voice with a sigh and a moan placed in just the right moments to accentuate the arousal that She is engaging the listener to feel, the hypnotic effect relates from the mental to the physical in a seamless transition.

If the listener is looking for a masturbatory-guided tour of hand to member forget this file, but if one wants to experience the arousal of being controlled and guided by a dominant woman, to completely feel the rush of blood engorging the sexual member through mental stimulation then this mp3 will become a regular three-quarter of an hour daily ritual.

Thirty-seven minutes in length and at least eight minutes to resurrect yourself from an aroused state to realizing that your sexual organ is normal, the pulse is regular, and the floating sensation is the fragment of the experience that has just passed.

Welcome Enchanting Esmeralda to the community of Erotic Hypnotism, and congrats to a very well written and spoken script that is sure to bind many to You.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Goddess Danika Returns

Goddess Danika returns with a mind experience that in her own words was so much fun to compile and produce, with a volcanic heat registering on the erotic scale.

This is a file I would have passed right over not even glancing at the sample, feminization is not a kink or fantasy of mine, one Halloween I dressed up as Aunt Jemima and the closure of pantyhose and the pressure of a bra did nothing for me except feel sorry for the female gender with all these extra refining clothes that they have to wear.

Panty slut was offered to me by Goddess Danika as a thank You for my welcoming Her back to the Inraptured family. At first I sat on it and then said what the heck the seductive voice of Danika is and always has been a pleasant listen. Wow, the production quality, the subliminal squeal of the female voice perfectly placed through out the file, the audio workings of left aural channel, the right chamber of listening vocals, and the center back presence of erotic mind chamber assault. I sent Goddess Danika a message that a review would have to wait until I got a chance to listen to the file a second time to do the erotic hotness of the file its due.

As a listener if one can think while reading this of transporting back to that first or second high school dance, the soft slow song finally comes on near the end of the dance and that one girl whom you had always wanted to dance with is in the middle of the floor with you. The slow music begins and she slips her hand from yours and puts it on your bare neck, moves a little closer and her breast press against your chest, her hips begin to grind back and forth as your manhood grows and the arousal washes over you and the grinding increases as she feels your hardness the beat driving you into a state of unknown wonder.

Panty slut does this to the listener as Goddess Danika uses her voice like Rachmaninoff did with his piano music building to a crescendo, Goddess Danika uses the words that most sub missives with the want to please a Mistress want to be serenaded with. Being referred to as a Mistress’s thoughts bring her pleasure bringing you to the edge, having these thoughts, feelings, emotions, and deep arousal guided by a sweet sexual sensual female voice.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finding Cloud 9 on Decent Hypnosis Radio

Valentine’s Day or evening to be more precise was a surprised entertaining listening experience. Decent Hypnosis Radio a streaming site that promotes or offers a chance for people to listen to the wonders of erotic hypnosis. One of the wonders in this field of erotic entertainment is a female hypnotist by the name of Isabella S Valentine; this artistic entertainer has a voice that rejoices in the sensuality of humanity. Her soft cadence and cooperative script delivery is a pleasant listen to any person wanting to experience arousal. Last night as cupid was wondering through the clouds looking to draw his bow and deliver his arrows of love (hopefully lust for some) Decent Hypnosis was playing a file called Cloud 9 by Isabella Valentine. As a first listen this file had a stealth effect. The unique relaxation induction keeps the total awareness of the softness of sensual vocals, as the mind centers on the delivery, and is taken on a mythical or magical trip of spoken visuals of lightness and stiffness, floating and flowing, rising and falling the listener has no indication of a stealth arousal sneaking in from the left or right channel down the receptors known as ears slipping into the mind. As Isabella secures Her idea of Goddess reign within the listeners mind, her sexually sensual words direct one to realize just how aroused one has become and not to disappoint Cloud 9 floats one to a very pleasing conclusion. If one ever gets the chance to listen to Cloud 9 by Isabella Valentine take the time and float amongst cupids cloud.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Lady Krystal Mesmer's Delicious

From this first experience with Lady Krystal Mesmer, I must state that Her years of understanding the male mind, and production prowess results in a very erotic production.

Delicious is a video that keeps the eyes experiencing different visual pleasures, while the ears are treated to a sensual, sexy voice. The script very well paced with the direction leading the listener down the erotic path to exactly where Lady Krystal Mesmer directs one into the power of release.

One of the more interesting aspects of the video is the subliminal layering, as the eyes watch the hand the background keeps showing the face of a smiling seducing Lady. When instructed to open one’s eyes near the end a most gorgeous animated woman whom looks to be in the throes of bliss is starring back at you.

Delicious is just that a delicious escape from the routine and a rewarding effort controlled and guided by a sweet Lady Krystal Mesmer.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Ellechemy delivers Intromission

Intromission is a very different file than any I have experienced so far. Ellechemy comes across with a definite growth in not only production quality, but also scripting and story telling. The evolution of this Hypnodomme is amazing from the free files to acclimate one to Her voice. As the file uses Her unique version of relaxation and soothing vocal scales the mind wanders, for me I began to think of the Wizard of Oz and the tin man needing a heart, the scarecrow needing a brain and the lion needing courage. Ellechemy refers to herself as Goddess and with this file She will emerge as such to some listeners whom understand the gift of submission to another. Like a person whom enjoys a cold ice treat known as a rocket, this file has layers of different mind flavors that melt together making it a whole treat. The use of music snippets, stereo sounds to the left and right ear and center of the skull Intromission touches all the bases, a very comprehensive quality file.

Friday, January 06, 2012

La Chat Noir production by Goddess Danika

Finding a solid time alone with no phone, no interruptions, and headphones on I placed the play button and a deep sensual erotic voice greeted my senses above the soothing music. With an immediate command softly spoken to close my eyes and begin to listen to the picture being painted into a very receptive mind. Hailey Berry pops into the forefront as La Chat Noir begins its erotic adventure. Goddess Danika softly moves the mind from a focal point of female femme fatale description, of a breathing body encased in a cat suit to an aroused kneeling prone participant. The effects of the sensual breathing with light moans in the background of the right ear, the raspy drawn breath in the left ear and the production of floating vocals throughout the whole mind keeping one completely guessing where the sexy sound is going to invade next. La Chat Noir opens up the Pandora box of a seduced male bound and taken in a teasingly tasteful manner until the mind melts into a flow of guided pampered pleasure. The physical feelings toyed with makes the listener wonder who is getting what, is the Goddess vacuuming up all the pleasure or is the captured prey receiving the gift of guided enlightenment. A first class production of an erotic adventure leaving the mind wanting more of this sensual seduction conjured up by the Hypno_Diva.

English Mistress's Enchanting Voice so Relaxing

This morning was a slice of heaven given in the manner of a vocal smorgasboard. Mistress Zaida a wonderful English Mistress with a voice of soothing erotica. If Mistress Zaida reads the phone book it would stir arousal in almost any listener. This sensual English Mistress created a file called Good Boy 2 no fx, the purity of the file is that one spends the time with just Mistress Zaida and your open mind listening and being guided into a state of total relaxation each and every muscle that Mistress Zaida relaxes into a heavier state until the mind drifts oft and Mistress Zaida speaks directly to your desires that She is controlling. Like all other muscles in your body the one between your thighs is addressed in such a manner that no matter how relaxed or sleepy you are it reacts to the voice. No where on this voyage of time travel is there a musical beat, a twisting of knobs to enhance the sexuality through deversion, the complete listening experience is one of total sensual awareness between an English Mistress and a headphoned hypnotic listener. Mistress Zaida does create a want in the listener to become the Good boy and feel all the libido stroking in such a pleasant wonderful way. I highly recomend the file Good Boy 2 no fx by Mistress Zaida

Monday, January 02, 2012

Can You follow 20 Questions?

Try counting the questions and get lost in the world of Nikki. A task so difficult to keep up with, as each time Nikki takes you down deeper the knowledge that She has control of Your pleasure, Your mind is confirmed within yourself the sweet spot is not noticed until the playground is patroled by Nikki's voice. For those whom find trancing a little difficult 20 questions will open the mind to understanding Nikki's guidance.